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Maras Moray Tour


Guided tour during the morning (English and Spanish) in a group with convenient transportation. The route takes the visitors to the agricultural experimental center of the Incas in Moray and to the salt panes of Maras. These are impressive testimonies of science and technology of the great ancient civilizations.

  • Start: 8.15 am
  • Ends: 2.30 pm
  • Departure: Daily
  • Service: Guided group tour
  • Language guide: English and Spanish
  • Tour Category: Cultural, Historical

Tour description

This tour allows to get to know the impressive testimonies of science and technology of the large pre-Colombian civilizations, all within a beautiful and stunning scenery around Maras. This town extends in front of the spectacular scenery with snowy mountains such as the Sahuasiray (5.818 m), Veronica (5.682 m) and Chicón (5.530 m).

The complex of Moray is situated 7 kilometers away from the town of Maras. During the tour the group will take a look at traditional indigenous communities, which are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. At the furthest point we will visit the complex of Moray, which during Inca times used to be an agricultural research center, where experiments for selection and adaption of crops to different geographical altitudes were carried out.

Then the tour continues, in order to visit the Salt panes of Maras. Those are assembled by more than 3 thousand pools (saltpans) of several dimensions. They belong to local families, which in time of drought benefit from the salt. This is previously treaded with iodine and is sold on local markets. The Salt panes offer a unique and spectacular site, especially for photographers.


Included in the tour:

Professional bilingual guide (English and Spanish)

Transportation in a comfortable tourist bus

Not included:

Entrance fees

Snacks or meals


Price of this tour is 20 USD per person.

Entrance fees are not included in the price. You will have to buy a "Boleto Turisico". You can buy such ticket at the entrance of the archeological sites. There are two types:

Partial ticket: Archaeological sites of Pisaq, Ollantaytmbo, Chichero and Moray.

Current price 70 Soles, valid for 2 calendar days.

General ticket: Includes the vast majority of the places in and around the city (including five museums and a folkloric show) in the Sacred Valley, Maras-Moray (only Moray) and the South Valley.

Current price 130 Soles, valid 10 calendar days.

The entrance to the Salt panes of Maras is 10 Soles, as it is a private area and belongs to the community of Maras.

Private Tour

Instead of a group tour it is also possible to do this tour as a private tour. This means more, personal attention from the guide and more flexibility during the tour.


The tour will be basically the same as the group tour. But if you would like to skip a place, because you already visited it, or add a place then we can do that. Let us know about your special wishes.


Depending on the size of your group we will use a private, comfortable car with a driver, or a private and comfortable van with a driver.

A group of one or two persons will go by car, a group of three to maximum five will go in a van.


The guide of course will add great value to the tour. We can offer guides in the following languages: English, Spanish, German or French.

If you do not wish to include a guide, but only use the transportation then this is also possible.


The price for transportation is:

Car (1-2 persons) 50 USD

Van (3-5 persons) 90 USD

The price of a tour guide is:

English speaking: 55 USD

Spanish speaking: 50 USD

German or French speaking: 100 USD

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