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Chacán - Cusco Short Walking Tour


A unique short walk of half day with a private guide. Ideal for people who want see something different, very off the beaten track, a real experience! This walk just outside of Cusco, will show you beautiful rural landscapes and brings you to interesting archeological sites. Most of the hike takes place in the area of the river Chacán, hence the name.

A perfect mix from beautiful nature and culture, far away from crowded touristic places, yet so close to Cusco.

  • Start: 8.30 or 13.30
  • Ends: 12.30 or 17.30
  • Departure: On request
  • Service: Guided private tour
  • Language guide: English and Spanish (German and French on request)
  • Tour Category: Cultural, Historical, Nature, Walking

Tour description

First you go by private transportation with your guide to the archeological center of Saqsayhuaman, and then to Fortaleza where you start your hike. You go to the communities of Huacarumilloq and Uñapata, home of farmers who grow potato, corn and other plants. You will enjoy an open and mountainous landscape and see water channels carved in rock from the Chacán river.

Continuing your walk you will encounter an enormous stone in the shape of the Chacana, an Inca symbol that means Andean cross. Meanwhile enjoy all the flora of this place.

After a while you find a cave which is the entrance of the famous Balcony of the Devil. From up there we can see a huge cliff where the Chacán river passes.

You will continue walking next to the river where you can observe some Inca walls of well worked stones. Then you will arrive at the house of the guardian, whose function it was to control the water activity of the Chacán river, and to have communication with the other control. From here you can enjoy a great view over the whole valley.

Later, you pass through fields of crops of locals of the Pucará community. From here you have an amazing view over the city of Cusco.

On the last part of the hike it is descending back to Cusco. Observe the forests of immense eucalyptus trees and other native plants that grow throughout the area before you reach the hacienda Llaullipata. This hacienda belonged to the daughter of the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro and Inés Huaylas Yupanqui, daughter of the Inca Huayna Capac.


Included in the tour:

Professional bilingual guide (English and Spanish)

Transportation to starting point of the walk

Not included:

Snacks or meals


English or Spanish speaking guide:

1 to 2 persons: 60 USD in total

3 to 6 persons: 70 USD in total

French or German Speaking guide:

1 to 2 persons: 80 USD in total

3 to 6 persons: 90 USD in total

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