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Inca Streets Cusco Short Walking Tour


A unique short walk of half day with a private guide. Ideal for people who get a clear picture of what this unique city was like before the Spanish conquest. This walking tour is something different, very off the beaten track, a real experience! The focus is on Inca culture and on Inca architecture across the whole ancient city, planned and build by the Incas in the shape of a puma. Places and traces which are not easy to find by yourself and to link to each other without special guidance within a historic center, mainly dominated by colonial Spanish architecture.

  • Start: 8.30 or 13.30
  • Ends: 12.30 or 17.30
  • Departure: On request, Monday to Friday.
  • Service: Guided private tour
  • Language guide: English and Spanish (German and French on request)
  • Tour Category: Cultural, Historical, Walking

Tour description

The easy and enjoyable walk starts in the Hanan Quosco of the Incas (upper Cusco) at, what was once the palace of the Inca Manco Capac, and will get along well preserved Inca streets walls like Calle Loreto, terraces and incredible buildings like the Tupac Inca Yupanqui palace and the Qoricancha temple to its fares point at Urin Qosqo (lower Cusco) in the Arcopuco Street next to the Qoricancha, and then return to the heart of the Puma city in the Hatun Rumi Street, along other different amazing vestiges of this great civilization.

Depending on your interest the tour guide will give you the information and details of each of the places and also a rest can be made at a nice café on the way.

Where the classic City tour has a strong focus on the colonial history and religious art, this tour allows you the privilege to submerge yourself into to ancient Inca times.


Included in the tour:

Professional bilingual guide (English and Spanish)

Not included:

Entrance fees

Snacks or meals


English or Spanish speaking guide:

1 to 6 persons: 55 USD in total

French or German Speaking guide:

1 to 6 persons: 75 USD in total

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