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Inkilltambo - Cusco Short Walking Tour


A unique short walk of half day with a private guide. Ideal for people who want see something different, very off the beaten track, a real experience! This walk just outside of Cusco, will show you beautiful rural landscapes and brings you to interesting archeological Inca sites, one of them is the archeological Inca complex Inkilltambo.

A perfect mix from beautiful nature and culture, far away from crowded touristic places, yet so close to Cusco.

  • Start: 8.30 or 13.30
  • Ends: 12.30 or 17.30
  • Departure: On request
  • Service: Guided private tour
  • Language guide: English and Spanish (German and French on request)
  • Tour Category: Cultural, Historical, Nature, Walking

Tour description

With your guide you start at Plaza San Blas where you will get an explanation about the church and the square. From here you will walk outside of Cusco to Inca Trail Network called “Qapaqñan.” After a while you arrive at the enigmatic Kusilluchayoc, (temple of the monkeys).

Then you will visit the Amaru Marca Wasi temple (temple of the moon). In it you will see magical springs and stone quarries, from where the Incas extracted the large rocks that were later used for the construction of their palaces.

You will continue over the Qapacñan enjoying a beautiful view over the valley, full with beautiful flora and scents of some medicinal plants. After a while you will reach the archaeological complex Inkilltambo where you will stay a while to explore this beautiful place.

From here you go to Choquequirao Puquio, a ceremonial Inca center. Here you can see staggered remaining walls end a slender circular tower. Also there is a large fountain that feeds a monumental water tank and was the start of a water distribution channel.

Continuing the walk you will pass by the archaeological center of Kallachacka. You will see a large esplanade and some Inca walls where ceremonies and festivals were held. Somewhat further on the archeological center Rumi Wasi can be found.

Then you hike back to the town of San Sebastian where you will be picked up by our transport service and be brought back to the main square (Plaza de Armas).


Included in the tour:

Professional bilingual guide (English and Spanish)

Transportation from San Sebastian (end Walk) to Cusco city center.

Not included:

Snacks or meals


English or Spanish speaking guide:

1 to 2 persons: 60 USD in total

3 to 6 persons: 70 USD in total

French or German Speaking guide:

1 to 2 persons: 80 USD in total

3 to 6 persons: 90 USD in total

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