Responsible Tourism

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Responsible Tourism

No matter if you are talking about Responsible Tourism, Eco Tourism or Sustainable Tourism, it is very important to us. Responsible Tourism is imbedded in our corporate policies. On this page you can read more general information about Responsible tourism, why we find it so important and how Alemana Tours applies these concepts.

Nowadays tourism mobilizes almost a billion people a year and the impacts on the touristic destinations are very important. We all are aware by what we permanently hear and read about the negative impacts and harm of what global tourism can cause. We can mention:

Very small benefits versus increase of living cost for local people;

Awful experience in some destinations and their deterioration because of over tourism;

Change of local cultures and consumption patterns;

Deterioration of natural environment, landscapes and cultural heritage;

Increase of local waste and noise pollution;

Global warming by carbon monoxide emissions from air plan traffic.

On the other hand, tourism can greatly contribute to local development and wellbeing. Operators, tourists and decision takers should choose and impulse touristic practices, programs and policies which are centered on the positive impacts. In that way tourism can avoid or reduce the negative aspects. Specifically, this refers to Responsible Tourism, which probably sooner or later will become globally the main tendency in tourism.

Most of practices in responsible tourism even produce more pleasant experiences and recreation to travelers then many conventional ways do, without being necessarily more expensive. The positive impacts which responsible tourism pursues and which are possible to reach if it is done seriously are that tourism increases local employment and income as well as local tax income for public infrastructure and services. It has a transversal and inclusive focus and does not only favorize small groups or places (for example only Machu Picchu), but will also put value to other places and experiences with great touristic potential.

Also, other branches of local economy benefit from responsible tourism like agriculture and food industries, manufacture, commerce and services and it even raises the quality of services and production. It impulses the recovery, putting in value and conservation of historic and natural patrimony. Instead of vulgarizing and only commercializing ancestral culture, sustainable tourism strengthens it, make local people proud of it and allows intercultural encounter, understanding and learning.

Finally, the environmental aspect has a great importance in responsible tourism. Touristic services consider and apply the most common environmental standards and encourage their clients to also do so. Since well-done tourism generally is not compatible with extractive industries like most types of mining, deforestation and industrialized agriculture and like in Cusco, it depends on well preserved cultural landscapes and natural areas. Responsible tourism, together with sustainable agriculture and reforestation, wetland and watershed conservation, biodiversity conservation can produce enormous positive environmental impacts and are a real alternative to extractive industries.

We in Alemana Tours are definitely convinced that “better places to live are better places to visit” and we would like to share this commitment with our clients, pursuing that most of the tours and services which we offer merge with these criteria of responsible tourism. Also, we are strongly involved in making it become a very important issue on the agenda of local entrepreneurs and decision takers. There is a great need for it. Unfortunately, responsible tourisms is not yet very widespread in Cusco and in the Southern Region of Peru. Conventional tourism only centers on the increase of visitors and it causes more and more negative impacts, putting in danger one of the most outstanding destinies of the world. So, if you choose to book a tour or touristic arrangement with us you certainly can be sure to do it with good conscience.