The weather in Cusco during rainy season

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The weather in Cusco during rainy season

In November and December, at Alemana Tours we notice that clients start asking about the weather forecast. People have looked on their weather app and they are afraid that it probably will rain during their tour. Sure, these months are the beginning of rain season in the mountains of Peru. So how to deal with this rain season?

Unpredictable weather and planning
I always tell my clients not to worry too much about the weather. In the mountains, the weather is unpredictable. I personally never look at the weather forecast. It doesn´t make so much sense. It might be sunny right now and an hour later, you have a big rain shower. You cannot plan this; it is just the way it is. People tell me they want to go to Machu Picchu on a Thursday because then according to their app is the lowest probability of rain. Please, don´t do this, your app very likely will be wrong. I always suggest to plan your tour to Machu Picchu at the end of your stay in Cusco, as the crown on your visit to Peru. First, visit places like the Sacred Valley, which are a great preparation for your tour to Machu Picchu. Don´t turn it around based on an unreliable weather forecast.

What is the best time to travel to Cusco?
All the year is fine! Dry season is from April until October. In the other months, you can expect a lot of rain, especially in January and February. However, it also can rain during dry season. The weather can change drastically during one day.

Doing a trek of 4 or 5 days is probably not the best idea for January and February.

During rainy season, nature is getting greener and looks fresher. I find the landscapes more pretty in the wet months than during dry season when everything changes to a more yellow color. In addition, during rainy season there are less tourists.

When it comes down to half-day tours… better plan these in the morning. It is true that the chance of rain is higher in the afternoon, than in the morning.

How to prepare for rain?
Bring a flexible attitude… Always count that it can rain. Bring a poncho in your bag pack, even when it looks sunny in the morning.
And remember: After rain comes sunshine!