Vegan food in Cusco

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Vegan food in Cusco

If you are vegan, is it difficult to eat well during your stay in Cusco?
To be honest, I doubt it. I do not have so much personal experience on this topic. I am not vegan, neither vegetarian. However, when I offer a tour to a vegan client and there is food involved in the tour, I am always a bit worried for my client. Vegetarians will not find great difficulty staying well fed, but for vegans might be more problematic.

In Cusco there are plenty of restaurants for great vegetarian food. For vegans options are increasing. However, when a vegan person goes on a tour and a vegan lunch has to be served on the table, I think for many operators this is difficult or not even possible.

To be honest, I faced some little problems in October this year when I operated a large group of Brazilians doing the Salkantay trek. Some vegetarians on the group and one vegan person. Although my cooks have a lot of experience, I doubt if my vegan client always ate just as good on the trek as the others. He didn´t complain about it after the trek, but I feel there is space for improvement here. Alemana Tours is a responsible tour operator. Therefore, I would say it is our obligation to improve on this area!

I think the problem is that the majority of suppliers of tourism in Cusco are still not well adapted to this relatively new phenomenon of vegan food. This has to develop. Cooks need to be better prepared, gain experience in cooking great and delicious vegan food. We have to be more creative and don´t think it has to cost more or is difficult. In Peru, we have great options to cook vegan: Quinoa, potatoes, corn and legumes like beans, lentils and green pies. These ingredients are very nutritious and rich of energy. Combined with other vegetables. Well, I am not a professional cook, but I am sure it is possible to serve something good and tasteful on the table!

Enough said! Alemana Tours has a good intention for 2020: Improve the vegan food on its tours, after all. Everybody has the right on a proper and tasteful meal!

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