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Who are we?

Alemana tours was created two years ago as the tour desk of the prestigious B&B-Hotel Pensión Alemana, located in the historic center of Cusco. Since its inception, Alemana Tours has worked with a wide range of requests. Our customers rely on our proven quality and the suitable prices of the Hotel. We offer excellent service and hope to satisfy anything you need.

Since July 2018 Alemana Tours stands on its own and is not part of the B&B-Hotel Pensión Alemana anymore. The idea behind this is with its independence the agency will be more focused on growth and expands its activities. Also a strong focus on sustainable tourism is part of the strategy of Alemana Tours and will be one of the fundaments on which we want to conduct all our touristic activities. You can find more about this in the section Sustainable Tourism.

The two owners of Alemana Tours both live in Cusco, Peru, but are Europeans with a passion for Peru. When they met each other, and started sharing ideas about the tourist industry in Cusco, how it is currently conducted, how that could be improved, how Sustainable Tourism should play a key role in there… It was quickly decided they should work together and bring Alemana Tours to the next level.

Peter Heinrich Kolmans is owner of Alemana Tours and Pension Alemana. He is originally from Germany and already lives for more than four decades in Peru. He is an agronomist and entrepreneur with a broad experience in rural development and sustainable agriculture in Peru and Latin America. Since about twenty years he build up, little by little what today is Hotel Pension Alemana, focusing its development and design on the principles of sustainable tourism. As part of this commitment he is very engaged with the diffusion of the concepts and practices of sustainability in the local tourism industry, as well as the community development of the local San Blas neighborhood and the defense of the immense cultural and natural heritage in the city and region of Cusco.

Bart Klein Breteler is owner and general manager of Alemana Tours. He originally is from the Netherlands and lives two and a half year in Peru now. He has a background in finance, worked during his career in various finance and accounting jobs and holds a Master degree in Business Economics. When he moved to Cusco he started working in tourism. With his economic background he quickly realized that tourism in Cusco so often is not conducted in a sustainable way. He finds it important that this will improve. By going into a partnership with Peter Heinrich Kolmans and making Alemana Tours a leading example of sustainable tourism, he wants to contribute to the improvement of the tourist industry in Cusco.