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1. Quality

Everybody wants to travel without worries, without problems. To achieve this, Alemana Tours has a strong focus on quality. You can expect an excellent service from us. We work with operators with an outstanding track record, and the same for hotels. As Alemana Tours is related to Pension Alemana you have the travel agency and a great hotel under one roof and a very good place to overnight during your stay in Cusco.

Our clients acknowledge us as being very reliable and you can expect that we will respond very quickly on every request. As every client is different we will be flexible and try to make every tour precisely adjusted to your special wishes.

2. Great guides

The tour guide plays a very large role in the success of your tour. Therefor we select the best bilingual guides with an extended knowledge varying from Inca history to ecology. Of course you can expect a professional behavior from our guides.

3. A real experience

Alemana Tours wants to give its clients a real experience. Because that is what travelling is all about. We do this by offering innovative products. We do not necessarily do the same as what other travel agencies do. Our short walks is a good example of this. We like to focus in our tours more on culture instead of only Inca history.

4. Sustainable tourism

We are approaching for a socially fair and inclusive, culturally preservation and respectfully, as well as an ecologically balanced and harmless tourism, which enhances as much as possible local economic development and impacts positively in other local economy sectors like sustainable family agriculture, manufacture, services and employment.

5. Excellent tour offer

Alemana Tours wants to offer a well selected menu of tours and packages. We center on a complete offer of touristic option in Southern Peru. And we like to offer different type of experience so there is for everybody something to choose.